Executive Committee


Chrisinda Putnam • • (770)402-8218
Mary Beth Hodder • • (678)230-4377

Duties Include: Volunteer Coordination, Membership, Assistance with Fundraising, Chairperson Coordination.


Kelley Wamsley• • (757)775-7399

Duties Include: Livsey PTO Facebook Page Maintenance, Website Maintenance, Remind Messages, and Assistance with Events .


Teresa Henderson • • (404)697-0890

Duties Include: Better Education Fund Collection at Open House, keeps bank records on Quickbooks, Deposits money and writes checks as needed, Monitors the budget to keep the PTO on track with its spending.


Kathy Weigand • • (912)536-5911

Duties Include: Create and Distribute Livsey Letter, Week at a Glance, and additional Constant Contacts as needed.


Alisha Etheredge •• (404)797-6726

Duties Include: Record and distribute the minutes of each PTO meeting, maintain an accurate membership list, determine the presence of a quorum prior to business being conducted at PTO meetings.


Duties Include: Implementation of PTO Bylaws and Oversight of Protocols.

Fundraising Committees


Chrisinda Putnam • • (770)402-8218

This fund is the responsibility of the PTO Treasurer and is a supplemental opportunity the PTO has established to “better” the instructional materials used to teach your children Music, Art, and Physical Education (PE) programs. All of the money collected is designated for this purpose and does not go into the PTO general obligations budget This is the primary source of funding for our special education classes.


Date: March

Our 3rd Annual BB&B combines three of life’s sweeter things: Books, Bingo, and Baked goods! Committee members are needed to help with pre-orders of sandwiches and drinks, organizing the baking of goodies, distribution of game pads and prizes, set up, and clean up. The book fair will also be open in conjunction with this event, so volunteers are needed to staff the fair.


Abe Sekeres •
Rachel Nelson•
Dates: November, March and May

Members that volunteer for this committee will need to meet a few times per year to assist the Chairperson in organizing each Book Fair, which is typically open a half hour before and a half hour after school during their scheduled week, as well as during Thanksgiving Luncheons. Members of this committee work half hour shifts at the Book Fair assisting children with purchases, helping teachers and the media specialist with wish lists, setting up, and packing up.


Leah Heaver • • 678-296-0270

Dates: April 2021

5K run through the Livsey neighborhood.  Encourages community and wellness.  Involves facilitating registration, t-shirts, race day planning and sponsors.


Alisha Etheredge • • (404)797-6726 (Auction)
Teresa Henderson • • 404-697-0890 (Auction)
Mary Ellen Ensign • (Games)
Lauren Ramey • (Food)

Date: TBD

Fall Festival is a carnival that takes place on the Livsey campus with food, fun, and games. The festival historically includes prizes, a photo booth, bouncy house, face painting, hair streaking, a Online Auction and “The Table of Treasures” raffle. The committee chairs work with the Room Parent Coordinator to organize volunteers to assist with games in most of the classrooms. Chairpersons also coordinate services with outside vendors. Perhaps the most significant aspect of Fall Festival is the Chairpersons’ soliciting for donated items from businesses for items the auction and “The Table of Treasures” to be raffled. This Herculean effort begins in the late spring and runs through the summer leading up to the event. Committee members are needed to assist with collecting donated items as well as set up and clean up of the Festival.


MaryBeth Hodder • • (678)230-4377)

Dates: Monthly (Ongoing)

AKA “Spirit Night” the Family Night Out chairperson plans a monthly dining experience at a local restaurant, promoting the event with communication tools such as the website, Week at a Glance, and paper couriers. While technically a fundraising committee, the priority is creating an opportunity for Livsey families to get together, with the added big picture benefit of supporting an establishment in Tucker.


Lauren Ramey •
Date: October

The Picture Sales Chairperson coordinates Picture Day with the photographer and Principal. Organization is critical in sorting pictures when they are returned to the school, and scheduling retakes for students who missed getting their picture taken on Picture Day. The Chair of this committee also coordinates transfer of photos with the PTO Yearbook Chairperson.


Teresa Henderson • • 404-697-0890
Date: TBD, Before & After School Each Day

The Secret Shop is a Livsey PTO service that allows students to purchase their own holiday gifts for family members at discounted prices ($5 or less) on the stage in the cafeteria. Committee Chairs purchase items throughout the school year, and volunteers are needed to sell those gifts to students in half hour shifts before and after school. Volunteers also help to set up, assist children with selecting items, and “gift wrap” with paper bags and bows.


Whitney Teyf •

Date: February

This Chairperson organizes an annual school dance in the cafeteria. The Chairperson needs volunteers to help with coordinating a DJ, food vendor(s), and volunteers to help monitor students during the dance. Collaborating the play list and activities with the Principal is a must, and though getting your groove on is not required, it is a plus! BYOEP (Bring your own ear plugs!).


Stephanie Shanholtzer • • 678-462-5793
Date: Second Semester & Open House in August

The 1st Day School supplies program provides sales of pre-packaged school supply kits. Planning for and promotion of the program occurs second semester. The Chairperson also coordinates delivery and distribution of supplies at Open House at the beginning of the following school year


Jenny Kelley • • 678-913-9700
Date: Each Friday Morning 7:30 – 8:00AM

This Chairperson gets in the building first thing to organize and sell typical school supplies from the stage in the cafeteria. This service is offered as a convenient means for parents and students to purchase supplies.


Susie Lutz • • 404-312-3372
Corey Milam •
Dates: Multiple Event Sales – Ongoing

The Chairperson of the Spirit Wear Committee coordinates the ordering and sales of Livsey branded items including, car magnets, shirts, caps etc , and maintains an inventory list. The sale of these items takes place at events like Open House, Curriculum Night, Half-Price Book Fair & School Picnic. Volunteers are neededd to assist with the sales table at these events. The Spirit Wear Chairperson is also responsible for maintaining and updating the Online Spirit Wear store found at

Support and Promote Our Teachers and Students

Alisha Etheredge • • (404)797-6726
Kate Ward • • 404-764-9039
Dates: Ongoing

By being a SPOTS contributor, you are insuring the continuation of PTO funded activities and programs for Livsey’s students and teachers Your 100% tax deductible donation helps us provide both on and off campus cultural arts programs for every student, academic enrichment programs such as Wordly Wise and Accelerated Reader, as well as student programs including Red Ribbon Week and Walk to School Days.


Alisha Etheredge • • (404)797-6726
Kate Ward • • 404-764-9039
Dates: Ongoing

Opportunities are abound with companies that offer to match your gift to our 100% tax deductable SPOTS Giving Campaign (Support and Promote Our Teachers and Students). Please investigate to see if your company will match your donation and contact Co-President Kate Ward or Ashley Candelo for assistance. Livsey students will thank you for it!


Kim Heinlein •

Dates: September – October 

Whoo’s Reading is “A Reading-Raiser,” similar to a jog-a-thon, except students will be reading books instead of running laps, and earning pledges based on how much they read. Everything is tracked online, which makes inviting mentors and logging reading much easier! For more information check out

Service Committees


Dates: January 2018, May 2018

The Academic Boosters Chairperson takes pictures of each student awarded the Livsey Achiever Award at the Awards Ceremonies in the Winter and Spring. Pictures are then posted on the Livsey Achiever Wall.


Shawna Pickett • • 678-874-3302
Dates: Ongoing Throughout the School Year

The Livsey School Council, in conjunction with our Assistant Principal, Shawna Pickett, will match students with volunteers from the local community to assist the students with specialized assistance through regularly scheduled one-on-one tutoring sessions. This is a collaborative effort between the School Council, Livsey school personnel and the Livsey PTO. We would welcome support from local com- unity organizations. Please email Mrs Pickett or schoolcouncil@livseypto org for more information.


Dates: A Work Date for Each Semester to be Determined

The Campus Beautication Chairperson organizes volunteers to maintain, improve and beautify the school grounds beyond what the county provides. A green thumb is not necessary to participate; just a willingness to pour some “sweat equity” into the campus—pruning, mulching, raking, planting, etc — making it the safest, cleanest, most attractive, child-friendly environment Livsey can have.


Stephanie Leathers • • 678-634-1822
Dates: Multiple Events – Ongoing

The Cultural Arts Chairpersons book cultural arts programs with outside vendors such as Shakespeare for Kids and The Atlanta Symphony, with the permission of our Principal. This requires planning with the Assistant Principal, venues, monitoring a budget, and coordinating chaperones for each field trip. This committee works especially hard to find one age appropriate outing, as well as one additional in-house program, for every single grade level at Livsey.



The Facebook Chairpersons are responsible for design and maintenance of this communication tool for Livsey families to rely on for detailed information throughout the school year. Responsibilities include updating Facebook regularly and coordinating information with PTO Co-Presidents, the Principal, Livsey Staff, and other PTO committee chairpersons. Writing/PR skills to positively promote the school and the PTO are a plus!


Carey Allison • • 404-663-9341

This Chairperson coordinates Field Day by working in conjunction with the Physical Education (PE) teacher for the Field Day event held in May. Volunteers are needed to help prepare the fields for events, arrange for refreshments, provide ribbons, and assist in overseeing events.


Leah Heaver • • 678-296-0270
Includes: Cross Country, “Farm to School”, and Livsey Color 5K
Dates: Ongoing

The Health and Wellness Committee requires collaboration between its Chairperson and Livsey’s staff, to promote a healthy lifestyle with information and initiatives including Livsey’s Cross Country Running Club and the offsite road races in which they participate. Volunteers are needed to help oversee the dozens of children jogging laps on Top Field Monday afternoons from 2:30-3:30 for Cross Country.

The Health and Wellness Chairperson also advertises for DCSC’s “FARM-TO- SCHOOL” Nutrition Education Program. Farm-To-School happens monthly where a specific fruit or vegetable is highlighted and offered in the lunch line that day.


Kristin Wint • • 404-408-8367
Dates: Multiple Events – Ongoing

The Hospitality Chairperson arranges and coordinates refreshments at receptions and special events for students, staff, and volunteers throughout the year. Volunteers may be called upon to provide snacks or help with set up or clean up.


Dates: As needed throughout the year

The Marketing chairperson assists in the marketing and advertising of PTO events and activities. This person should be able to create/update fliers, posters and other marketing materials. They may also assist the website chairperson by providing digital copies of marketing materials.


Sonja Szubski • • (678)419-2145
Dates: As needed throughout the year

The Parent Liaison helps to facilitate relationships between parents.  The chairperson also organizes events such as the Middle School Parent to Parent Forum that occurs in January.


Ellen Jenkins • • 678-874-3302

This Chairperson facilitates communication between The Bank of North Georgia, the Livsey PTO, and Livsey School.


Ms. Allen
Date: October

The Red Ribbon Week Chairperson coordinates activities to promote the national awareness campaign in the prevention of the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and violence. The Chairperson organizes with the Principal and communicates with other PTO Committees and teachers while organizing fun ways to salute being drug and violence free.


Teresa Henderson • • 404-697-0890
Dates: Multiple Events – Ongoing

The Room Parent Coordinator confirms that each classroom has two parent representatives to organize volunteers and assist with class parties and school wide events.


Stephanie Wilson • • 770-366-4669
Dates: Multiple Events – Ongoing

The Special Area Teacher Administrator sends a form out twice a year to collect Winter and End of Year monies for the Special Area Teachers, such as Music, Art, PE, Media Center Specialist, etc. The Chairperson will track money contributed from each family and distribute cards with funds to designated teachers in December and May.


Cleans and maintains the habitat for the school’s turtles.


Lynda Schoeld • • 678-874-3356
Dates: Ongoing

The Special Services Chairperson fosters communication and awareness of special services between the school district, school, parents, and children. Special Services includes a variety of students including discovery students, students with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, vision or hearing disabilities, speech disabilities, social and emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, and disadvantaged or deprived students.


Sabrina Chambers • • (404)626-9655
Kathy Weigand • • (912-)536-5911
Dates: Ongoing with emphasis on Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7th-11th

This group provides support and recognition for teachers and staff throughout the year. Recognition includes holiday and birthday gifts, mailbox treats, refreshments for conference nights and other special occasions like Teacher/Staff Member of the Year recognition, births/deaths in staff families, retirements and new hires—basically any chance we get to share Livsey Love with the people who take such good care of our children day in and day out!
TA volunteers organize a luncheon for all staff during the holidays, and ends the school year with an amazing “Teacher Appreciation Week”— five days filled with activities and gifts for the Livsey Teachers and Staff. If you’re into showing some love for our Livsey staff, this committee is for you!


Rachel Norwood • • 706-714-6527
Date: October 4, 2017 & March 7, 2018

In order to ensure our diverse culture at Livsey are receiving communications, and being provided with translation of their own language, we have created a new committee this year- Translation Committee.


Date: October 4, 2017 & March 7, 2018

The Walk To School Chairperson facilitates this national campaign in effort to create a community culture and encourage everyone to get to school on foot. It’s fun and healthy, and Livsey families typically participate in droves. The Chairperson recruits “Block Captains” to organize walkers and monitor safety as they travel from neighborhoods to the school, as well as volunteers at the front of the school to help distribute snacks and prizes prior to the start of school.


Stephanie Wilson • • (770) 366-4669
Ongoing Weekly, if not most days
The Website Chairperson is responsible for design and maintenance of the website for Livsey families to rely on for detailed information throughout the school year. Responsibilities include regular (daily) updates, coordinating information with PTO Co-presidents, the Principal, Livsey staff, and other PTO committee chairpersons. Writing/PR skills to positively promote the school and the PTO are a plus!


Tivoli Harris-Roberson • • (770) 355-6341

The Yearbook Chairperson creates an Annual for delivery at the end of school year. Responsibilities include coordinating with volunteer photographers to accumulate candid photos of events that take place throughout the year, coordinating with the official class/individual photo company, as well as executing project management with vendors and the front office staff to design the yearbook. All pictures must be collected so the year book is ready for production in the Spring semester. Volunteers are needed to simply submit great candid photos throughout the year.

Please send submissions for the yearbook. Go to and send the photos to